Recession-Proof Businesses 9 Ideas

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recession proof business ideas are always applying for jobs, whether they want to make a career shift, increase their pay or switch work environments. Of course, most job applications require candidates to submit resumes to detail their professional background. As a resume writer, you can help job applicants’ resumes stand out from their competition. Many personal trainers start their client acquisition process with social media pages that detail their experience in the gym along with some motivational quotes. While a certification can help expand your customer base, you aren’t legally required to have any specialized training to start this type of business. Rideshare drivers have the independence of a small business owner without the heavy workload required to manage behind-the-scenes logistics.

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Sandvik: Not Exactly Outperforming, And Not Exactly ‘Cheap ….

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Language classes, playing an instrument, lessons on yoga, cooking, dance, and countless more. Of course, hotels and airlines may still work with business travelers, but leisure travel usually slows down. You can also help others resell their clothes by opening a retail consignment shop. People can bring their used items to your store, and you can inspect the quality.

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As of right now, home prices continue to soar, but even if prices drop, it may be the perfect opportunity for investors. Whether we keep heading towards a recession or manage to turn things around, setting yourself up with a recession-proof business is a solid plan either way. You never know what the future holds, and these business ideas can give you some peace of mind now and for years to come. We truly believe that there will be a solution to this pandemic very soon.

Meanwhile, an accountant is critical for managing finances properly, especially in the early days when you’re still establishing your revenue stream. While these professionals represent an upfront cost, they’re well worth it and can help you build a healthy business. To get started, you’ll need to set up a menu and price sheet, as well as obtain all necessary permits and licenses.

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Also, this is not a service you can outsource to another country, meaning consumers need access to in-person beauty professionals. During recessions, industries that can be easily automated or outsourced often suffer. On the other hand, sectors requiring local labor typically perform well. Because contracting, repair, and automotive industries require skilled, local labor, they are well-suited to withstand economic contraction. Even when the economy struggles, recession-proof businesses typically fall within specific industries not prone to experience considerable downturns. If you believe everything you read on the internet, millennials have canceled having children and are having pets instead.

  • Luckily, you don’t need a background in healthcare to help seniors and grow a successful business at the same time, although those skills will be in demand as well.
  • An online pet supplies store is one of the best small business ideas.
  • The industry has survived many economic downturns in the past, and healthcare and medical research are always essential.
  • Launching a business can be pricey, but there are affordable ways to start.
  • The United States government is not known for reducing its workforce during economic struggles.

Companies that focus on utility, repair, and maintenance will likely stay unharmed and thrive during recessions. As it happens, people are even swinging back to DIY crafts and repairing things on their own. Clinical institutions and medical careers are one of the few sectors that remain unaffected during a recession.

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While people do typically eat out less during tough times, especially avoiding more expensive eats, food and beverage production are still among the safest businesses in times of recession. This includes grocery stores, restaurants, food delivery services, fast food, cafes, and coffee shops. And now, there are even more opportunities to provide affordable and healthy food products in consumer demand. A recession proof business generally provides goods and services people must have — even in times of recession. Recession-proof industries can experience economic activity and growth in downturns.


Interestingly, comfort food and drinks are key to remaining optimistic and motivated for some. That’s exactly why the food and beverage industry remained resilient in spite of the pandemic in 2020. Your car may have a faulty starter, radiator leaks or poor emissions from time to time. And while some people can tune up their vehicles on their own, many of us aren’t capable of doing the same.

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